Developing World-Class Industrial Parks and Logistics Infrastructure

Transformative Infra Solutions that Accelerate Growth

Having delivered over 2.2 million square feet of high-quality industrial and logistical assets, KSH INFRA is on a steady trajectory of expansion across key Indian markets with a targeted development of 10 million square feet over the next 5 years.

We construct industrial and logistics parks that are greener, leaner, and more efficient. KSH believes in minimizing environmental impact and surrounding community stress induced by infrastructure development.

The design and construction of high-quality energy- and resource-efficient industrial infrastructure stem from KSH INFRA core philosophy—Inspiring a green industrial future by driving sustainability and accelerating impact. We have time and again demonstrated how critical your successes are to us by ensuring long-term savings and timely delivery of complex projects.


04 Parks


10 Million Sq. Ft


$135 Million



Creating highly functional, transformative, carbon-neutral, and sustainable warehousing and industrial park solutions across key markets in India


Becoming the preferred industrial real-estate partner to the logistics, eCommerce, and manufacturing sectors and attracting institutional capital from India and beyond by demonstrating excellence in corporate governance


The philosophy of sustained improvement is at the heart of every offering. KSH INFRA works closely with vital industry bodies to deploy best-in-class strategies without compromising on an accountable, qualified, committed workforce. Our goal is to create industrial and logistics parks that echo those very values. Operational excellence underscores every thought and action at KSH, and there’s an unrelenting focus on building enduring, synergistic relationships with our clients.


Sustainability, safety, integrity, trust, and accountability are the pillars at KSH. We strive to nurture a culture that embodies these values and extends to our clients. Those very values are seen in all our functional industrial and logistics parks. We believe that innovation and incessant learning will pave the way to achieving our goal of becoming the benchmark in our industry.



At KSH INFRA, care goes beyond doing what is best for our clients, beyond our immediate surroundings, but far into the future. With this outlook, we foster meaningful, symbiotic relationships and continue to build trust and deliver value.



KSH INFRA looks to lead, inspire, and accelerate change throughout the industry. We aim to be the preferred logistics and warehousing infrastructure solutions provider—and we do this by driving transformation, delivering effective solutions, and enhancing the entire supply chain ecosystem.



KSH INFRA has a dynamic, diverse, and powerful team of experts. We know that the best solutions are a result of cohesive efforts in the direction of a common goal and that respect and communication are essential to great teamwork.






The KSH Legacy

A solid foundation creating a glorious future
  • 1969

    Mr. Kushal Subbaya Hegde established his business with the setting up of ‘Kamal Motors’, an exclusive Bosch products’ distribution business in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra.

  • 1979

    Expanded the Bosch products’ distribution business into Pune city, Maharashtra by taking over the operations of ‘Waterloo Motors’.

  • 1981

    Founding of Mumbai plant, with 360 MT annual commercial production of Paper Insulated Copper Conductors (PICC).

  • 1989

    Established Kushal Motors in Pune city, Maharashtra to cater to the Original Equipment customers of Bosch.

  • 1991

    Established Kushal Electricals to distribute and service the Electrical Power Tools products of Bosch.Expansion of annual capacity to 1200 MT.

  • 1998

    Tripled Annual Capacity to 3600 MT.

  • 1999

    Established i-Logistics (now KSH Logistics) as a Third party Logistics (3PL) company servicing the captive requirements of Bosch in the Western Region,

  • 2002

    Plant in Pune set up with additional annual capacity of 2400 MT and launched a new product line – Enameled Copper Conductors.

  • 2003

    Established the transport division of i-Logistics (now KSH Logistics) with the purchase of a new fleet of trucks. Established Waterloo Distributors to handle the distribution of Bosch auto parts.

  • 2006

    Introduction of a new product i.e. CTC of annual capacity of 2000 MT.

  • 2008

    Established ‘KSH Distriparks’ with the setting up of an Inland container Depot in Talegaon, Pune. The Dry Port facility was set up with a capacity of 90,000 TEUs per annum.

  • 2011

    Approval for supplying 765 KV Transformers to Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCIL).

  • 2012

    Attracted Private Equity Investment from the Pacific Century Group of HK/Singapore into the INFRA vertical.

  • 2013

    Started construction of the first Multi Modal Logistics & Industrial Park in Talegaon, Pune with a planned development of 1,40,000 square feet for Warehousing/Industrial Infrastructure.

  • 2015

    Started construction of its second Multi Modal Logistics & Industrial Park in Chakan, Pune with a planned development of 8,50,000 square feet for Warehousing/Industrial Infrastructure.

  • 2016

    Market leader with annual manufacturing capacity of 20,000 MT of which 12,000 MT comprises of CTC.

  • 2017

    Reached an annual throughput with an excess of 50,000 TEUs at the Inland Container Depot, Talegaon, Pune.

  • 2018

    Approval for supplying HVDC transformers to Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCIL).

  • 2019

    Started construction of the third Industrial & Logistics Park in Chakan, Pune with a planned development of 1.2 millionsquare feet for Warehousing/Industrial Infrastructure with Mapletree Investments of Singapore.

  • 2021

    Indospace has agreed to invest INR 1000 crores in a joint venture (JV) with KSH INFRA to develop a portfolio of 10 million square feet of world class warehousing and industrial infrastructure across the country.

  • 2022

    The first project of the JV is underway in Chakan, Pune with a planned development of close to 1.5 million square feet.

Our Leadership

Our leadership team comprises individuals who are deeply passionate and bring decades of experience in building international-standard warehousing and industrial parks. We are visionaries with one common trait—the desire to do better every day.
Kushal S. Hegde

Kushal S. Hegde



Rajesh Hegde

MD- KSH International View Profile


Rohit Hegde

Managing Director View Profile

Sundaresan Vaidyanathan

Chief Executive Officer View Profile

Abhijit Pawar

Abhijit Pawar

Chief Financial Officer View Profile


Rohit Hegde

MD View Profile

Sundaresan Vaidyanathan

CEO View Profile

Abhijit Pawar

Abhijit Pawar

CFO View Profile


Rushid Domadia

Chief Operating Officer View Profile


Karan Domadia

Chief Commercial Officer View Profile


Sumeet Bhalerao

Principal Invesments View Profile

Akhilesh Ayyapan


KSH Awards and Accreditations

IGBC Green Champion Awards

Pioneer in large scale adoption of Green Logistics Parks in India at the 8th IGBC Green Champion Awards 2021.


Pioneer in large scale adoption of Green Logistics Parks in India at the 8th IGBC Green Champion Awards 2021.


Pioneer in large scale adoption of Green Logistics Parks in India at the 8th IGBC Green Champion Awards 2021.

KSH Group of


The KSH Group has a storied past, leading to over 450 employees today and a turnover exceeding INR 1200 crores. Throughout its journey, the KSH Group has strong ties to the logistics and manufacturing sectors. The company’s foundation derives its strength from its core values and continued commitment to excellence. KSH INFRA adheres closely to this credo when taking up projects for developing industrial and logistics parks.
KSH Distriparks

Enhancing Supply Chains through Cost-Effective Solutions

The KSH Container Depot, located in Talegaon, is spread over 17 acres at a vital convergence point of NH4 and the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.
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Setting up multi-client warehousing solutions pan-India

KSH has over half a million square feet of warehousing across key Indian markets. The facilities are plug-and-play, effectively and efficiently adaptive to all our clients' needs.
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KSH Is a leading provider of insulated/covered Conductors across the globe.

KSH International is a leading manufacturer of Bare and Insulated Rectangular & Round Winding wires and Transposed Cables in India.
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