Benefits of moving into a sustainable Industrial Park


There is no debating the fact that modern buildings put tremendous pressure on the environment. Existing buildings today consume 40 percent of the total electricity globally and generate 19 percent of energy-related GHG emissions. It is therefore essential to adopt green building techniques. As human life came to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the earth initiated a self-healing process. Cleaner water, clearer skies, low seismic activities and the influx of wildlife into human habitats are clear indicators of how rapid development was hampering the existence of our natural world and that nature does not need to be saved, only preserved. When the world resumes, we should remember what we owe our planet and embrace a sustainable future.

KSH Chakan Park 2 is among only a few industrial parks in Pune that offer ecologically sustainable infrastructure. All 5 buildings within the park have been preliminarily assessed and certified by Excellence In Design For Greater Efficiencies (EDGE). The projected savings would not just cut down on the pressure that is building on the environment each day, but also reduce operational costs drastically. In addition to this, KSH would also be planting over 1000 trees within the premises to create a fresh and aesthetically appealing work environment.


Reduced Operational Costs
Green buildings are designed to enable maximum illumination through natural light during the day, while low consumption LED lights are installed to fill-in when required. Similarly, water-efficient urinals and faucets optimize the use of water with little to no wastage. This results in significant savings through reduced energy and water bills over the life of the building.

Refreshing Workspaces
Ample natural light and ventilation within buildings would create a pleasant and healthy indoor environment for the building occupants. As mentioned above, over a 1000 trees would be planted within the premises of the park, which in turn would result in a lush green and refreshing outdoor ambience. This is likely to improve the productivity of employees and benefit the organisation.

Improved Social Image
Manufacturing companies often come under scrutiny due to high emission and energy consumption which many environmentalists and social activists criticize. Consumer behavior is largely affected by a brand’s reputation and its empathy towards the environment. We often see individuals praising or slating organizations for their ethical responsiveness. Moving into a sustainable industrial park exudes a company’s responsibility towards the environment and places it above blatant profiteering firms, thus creating higher value for investors and consumers alike.
Building a sustainable facility is no easy task. Besides procuring land and securing permissions, a proficient team of engineers, architects and technicians with experience in green building must be assigned to the task. So why bother with all the hassles? Opt for a ready to move sustainable industrial park developed by KSH Infra at Chakan Pune.

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