Never give safety a day off


If you can remember one life-threatening situation that you were in, you already know the importance of being safe. Not every hazardous situation is caused by humans. Some occur naturally. It therefore our moral responsibility to create a safe domestic and professional environment.

Safety is one of the most undermined issues in today’s time. Often people prefer comfort to safety, which eventually leads to horrifying accidents. The best examples of these are not wearing a helmet or seat belts. Though everyone is well aware of the consequences of taking unnecessary risks with their lives, they tend to ignore them and proceed anyway, only to regret later. People forget that safety is not an option but a requirement. Above all, our carefree attitude may jeopardize the safety of others. Not to mention the many lives that subsequently get affected.

Over the past decade, the government and several leading organisations have created strict safety compliance norms, not just related to work, but also at a social level. Even the ongoing COVID19 pandemic has just one major cure – safety and precaution. This week, the entire nation is celebrating ‘National Safety Week’ to create awareness and instil a sense of responsibility in every citizen. KSH Infra has joined this initiative and each employee is playing his or her part in spreading the message. KSH Infra has developed several industrial spaces, some of which have been naturally challenging and demanding. However, at no point has the safety compliance been defied or compromised for convenience. Our safety protocols include the use of helmets, safety goggles, hand gloves, face shields, safety nets, jackets, breathing masks etc. and apply to all those who step onto our premises. Over the past 7 years, we have engaged a workforce of more than 5000 men and women who have worked for millions of hours without a single reported accident and we aim at maintaining the streak. We have recently taken a step further towards safer futures, not just for people, but also the environment.

Our ongoing industrial park at Chakan comprises of EDGE certified green buildings that reduce the pressure on the environment and conserve natural resources. Our endeavours have been a success due to the diligent and sincere efforts of our team and we could not thank them enough for this.

This week, we light the beacon of safety, but let us promise ourselves to keep the torch burning till eternity.

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