What does edge certified saving actually mean?

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KSH Multi Modal Logistics & Industrial Parks are designed and built from the groups experience in managing complex logistics operations, building and operating Inland Container Depots. KSH parks offer Grade-A infrastructure in the form of built-to-suit and customisable buildings as per client requirements. The park features and facilities lay a great impetus on environmental sustainability, well planned layout with wide roads for easy maneuverability of trucks, adequate parking spaces, high ceilings, large column spacing for logistics as well as manufacturing companies, water and electricity, sewage treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, office blocks, canteens etc.

KSH Chakan Park 2 is divided into 2 different parks, Park-A and Park-B. These 2 parks all together have 5 buildings named A1, A2, A3, B1 & B2 out of which 2 have received the EDGE ADVANCED PRELIMINARY CERTIFICATE and 3 have received EDGE PRELIMINARY CERTIFICATE.


Buildings by nature are energy intensive, even a small amount of saving can go a long way and make a substantial impact. EDGE being developed for emerging economies focuses on primary issues, energy consumption being one of the priorities amongst them.

All the projects part of the Chakan Park have been designed to save on massive amounts of energy consumption. This has increased the capital cost very marginally, however, the saving in the operational cost is substantial as compared to a non-EDGE certified building of similar proportion.

Water would qualify as one of the most critical factors to the life force, however, an infinitely misused resource at the same time. We have regularly been facing draughts every year in various regions of the Indian subcontinent and it is our moral responsibility to take conscious steps towards conserving water.
Something as simple as a low flow faucet can potentially save 50% of water consumption (through taps for hand wash or dish wash)

The environmental impacts of materials vary according to where and how they are manufactured, processed and used. Due to the global scope of EDGE, the data for embodied energy of construction materials based on a life cycle assessment (LCA) model. A complex combination of many processed materials determines a building’s total embodied energy.

Some of the sustainability features at KSH Chakan Park 2 include optimised window to wall ratio, Energy saving light bulbs – LED, Water efficient – faucets, urinals, Water closets, Black water recycling in which the recycled water will be used for flushing & landscaping purposes. Use of fly ash bricks & AAC blocks for internal & external walls, Aluminium window frames. Since there is no local municipal water supply to the Industrial area where the warehouses are located borewell water will be used for purposes other than flushing & landscaping.

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