Sustainability –
A key driver behind development at KSH infra

The KSH INFRA ethos is geared towards creating a sustainable future. We have taken numerous initiatives to ensure our move in this direction is impactful while being carefully controlled. Every development project at KSH is built with Green Buildings norms in place. With the EDGE Certification and IGBC Platinum-compliant planning, our mission is to develop high-quality, efficient, and sustainable logistics and industrial parks.

As a budding global power, all industries in India owe it to future generations to develop responsible infrastructure. And KSH INFRA is committed to playing its part.

IGBC-Platinum Certification

The vision of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)—a part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)—is to enable a sustainably built environment for all. KSH INFRA Chakan Park II Industrial park is going through a stringent process of innovation and improvement to achieve IGBC Platinum certification, the recognized standard of green infrastructure.

KSH Infra Chakan Park II is EDGE-Certified

Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiency (EDGE) is the global standard of green building certifications. With its adoption in over 150 countries, EDGE ensures that industrial real estate is resource efficient and sustainable. KSH INFRA is proud to have this badge of honour with Chakan Park II being EDGE certified—reinforcing our commitment to creating a green industrial future.


Pioneer in large scale adoption of Green Logistics Parks in India at the 8th IGBC Green Champion Awards 2021.


KSH INFRA Chakan Park II is a great example of how KSH INFRA is driving sustainable environmental practices while still creating modern, high-quality warehousing and industrial parks.


Preserving water resources

Waste minimisation and segregation


Positive environmental effects

Sustainable development standards

Environmental care is at the centre of KSH’s growth and development strategy. The projected savings from KSH INFRA Chakan Park II not only ensure reduced operational costs but also minimise the impact on the environment. In addition to extensive green building regulations coverage, you will find over 1000 trees on campus that create a green and appealing atmosphere.

Here are some ways that KSH INFRA is miles ahead in its commitment to environmental care:

  • Using material produced with the least amount of energy expenditure
  • Sustainable usage of water resources, extending beyond the life cycle of a park
  • Efficient and eco-conscious construction processes, reducing the need for carbon-intensive methods
  • Effective waste management and recycling protocols
  • Creating future-proof, adaptable, customisable, and durable designs


KSH INFRA is cognizant of the social impact that accompanies large projects. It is our mandate to ensure that the impact towards the surrounding community is positive. Chakan Park II is built to ensure positive social impact, and all future development is based on the strongest social impact norms:
  • Advanced waste management technology and systems to negate any negative effect on the surroundings.
  • Encouraging rain water harvesting and water recycling with STP.
  • Option of installing solar energy systems at all industrial and logistics parks, reducing dependency on the national power grid.
  • Building storm water drainage throughout the parks to avoid flooding within and outside the property.
  • Improved accessibility and personnel amenities that deliver superior experiences to employees and visitors.
Employee Engagements
At KSH INFRA it is important that our employees feel valued and inspired every day. That is why we conduct regular skill enhancement events, yoga sessions, and various other programs to create a positive and inspiring workspace.
Diversity and Inclusion
Our team is made up of people from all over India, from diverse cultural backgrounds. KSH is where people can be themselves and, most importantly, express who they are. Whether that is through their ideas, actions, or communication, our team members know they are accepted and valued.
Community Actions
Our way of giving back to the community has many forms. Perhaps the foremost method of which is through providing employment in the areas surrounding our industrial parks and warehouses. These projects may last years, and numerous individuals in the area are involved in our projects on multiple levels. .


At KSH INFRA, governance starts from our rigorous procurement processes that extends to every aspect of the supply chain. Complete transparency, efficiency, and close auditing are essential components of the development strategy.

Ethics & compliance

The KSH INFRA Code of Conduct Handbook sets a high bar for compliance. This encompasses every aspect of how our team interacts with internal and external stakeholders to how our projects are commissioned and managed.


Not only do KSH INFRA parks offer the best-in-class amenities, they also ensure that the safety protocols and facilities are given the highest priority. Safety is integral to our operations, and this enables us to deliver reliable, compliant and sustainable infrastructure.

Value creation

We create value for society and our stakeholders through numerous channels, such as employment opportunities, tax payment assistance, supply chain participation and investment in local communities.

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